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Lisa is a professional speaker and teaches writing. She speaks to athletes, coaches, and groups to bring awareness to their mental focus, how to overcome anxiety and various obstacles, work together for a common goal, and achieve best performances. For anyone seeking to attain certain merit or distinction, Lisa has impact.  

Lisa Mitzel is also a writing instructor, professional writer, and consultant. She tutors students and can assist you on your projects – business or personal. A true joy is working with kids and teens, developing them as writers and avid learners. Lisa is also author and illustrator of a new book on mental training, which will be out this summer 2017. 

McK writing

Big Fun Writing, Summer and Fall 2017! Creative & Essay writing for 3rd-8th grade and high school. Learn themes, comparisons, and sharpen thinking muscles in a fun way. Analysis, observation, & excellent structure, too, for individuals or small groups.

TOPICS AND LESSONS: diverse vocabulary, sentence variation, dialogue, action, character and story development, and ability to structure essays and creative writing; includes enhancing observations skills, using various narrative/story-telling resources, and participating in literary analysis.

Lisa has been a writing instructor for 10 yrs. She has a BA in Psychology and MFA in Writing, she’s an NCAA National Champion, 6-Time All-American gymnast, a former Stanford Head Coach in gymnastics, and her new book on mental training, “Focused and On Fire” will be out this summer! Contact Lisa: HeyMitz@gmail.com for questions on rates and scheduling. Rates are $110 hr for individuals, and range from $75 – $85 hr for members in small group sessions. Locations are available in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale.

Lisa speaking at TEDxYouth at Summit Prep, Jun 6, 2014. So cool!

Lisa speaking at TEDxYouth at Summit Prep, Jun 6, 2014. So cool!

CLICK TO SEE VIDEO: Lisa speaks at TEDx Event at Summit Prep in June.

My talk: Winning 4 Consecutive NCAA National Championships – the pain, fear, and skill of believing. What fun! And an honor to be amongst brilliant people. 

Contact Lisa:  heymitz@gmail.com to speak to parents, athletes, or coaches. 

I speak with conviction, from deep experiences in sports and life, and inspire best performances. I’ve done presentations at TEDx, Stanford University, San Jose State’s Women’s Summit, Spalding University, Santa Ana College, and for many non-profits, and community events.

Lisa blck n white left-ctr head shotIn my 25-year sports career, I’ve done a lot. As a gymnast, thirty hours a week training in the gym, many injuries, traveling to competitions, and winning national titles; and as a coach, I worked with elite-level gymnasts and NCAA All-Americans. I was a scholarship-athlete at the University of Utah, an NCAA 6-Time All-American gymnast, NCAA National Champion, Hall of Fame inductee, and competed on 4 NCAA National Champion Teams. As the Head Gymnastics Coach at Stanford University, I guided a young team to unprecedented success: an NCAA top-10 finish, broke many school records, and started a new era of success at Stanford.

Lisa beam NCAA Nationals

Lisa beam NCAA Nationals

The struggles… I endured a broken back, knee surgeries, fractured tibias and many setbacks as an athlete, including a head injury, developing traumatic psychological fears and nearly quitting the sport. But with small miracles like sport psychologists, Ken Ravizza and Dr. Keith Henschen, I learned how to use mental skills  — and eventually made it to the White House and met President Ronald Reagan. The key ingredients? Clear strategy, teamwork, and incorporating mental tools. And most of all, believing and knowing what is possible.  I reach my audiences through storytelling. I offer new perspectives, and bring in humor and grit. You’ll have fun and learn a lot.

*CLICK HERE – SHORT VIDEO OF LISA – Excerpts from talk “Coaching is Uncomfortable.”

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email:  heymitz@gmail.com


~ Achieve under pressure: Teach kids awareness of their inner voice, inner strength and how to create success in a challenging world

~ Embrace the pain: Evolve through truth and struggles

~ Self 1 vs. Self 2: tension or trust, manage your critical voice and guide your body

~ Crash on your head and be a Champion – the magic in mental skills

~ Declare your goal! Manifest what you want

(Lisa can tailor her talks; feel free to inquire about other topics) 

RATES VARY: Based on corporate, school, and organizational budgets. For speaking and workshops 1 – 3 hours at your location,  prices range, $300 – $1000, depending on size of group and the organization. May reduce rate for low-budget groups. Mileage/travel may be added. Please make a request!  Lisa would love to talk to you.


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