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New! 2018! – “Focused and Inspired: Keeping Our Athletes Safe in a Win-at-All-Costs Word”

“Focused and Inspired” is a shining light in the urgent need to change our sports culture. Athletes are tough, yet they feel nervous, frustrated, and confused. When a coach blames or shames, that negativity sticks in their minds, and frequent feelings of vulnerability increase abuse in sports. To thrive and be healthy, athletes need to feel intelligent, valued, and safe! Mental training coach, Lisa Mitzel, steps forward with crucial skills in emotional intelligence and forming a power-balance. For every coach, parent, and leader in athletics, heighten your awareness, make meaningful connections, and awaken a new sports era that is wise, successful, and safe!

–Inspire athletes by addressing essential psychological & emotional needs
–Identify verbal and emotional abuse in sports
–Educate staff to think deeply and apply critical values
–Lead with calm, clear communication and transparency
–Increase effective coaching with a positive “Partnership” model
–Promote confidence and safety through a “power-balance”

“A revolutionary book to identify and prevent abuse in sports, and value the athlete’s voice, daily, on the path to success.”
-STEVE KERR, 3-Time NBA Champion Head Coach, Golden State Warriors

“Lisa is a beautiful and eloquent writer, whose message speaks loudly through her insight and years of experience. This book tackles not just the important issue of safety in sports, but also transcends safety in today’s human culture. A must-read for everyone.”

Revised 2018 – “Focused and On Fire: The Athlete’s Guide to Mental Training & Kicking Butt”

“Focused and On Fire” is a fresh, smart, and moving book for all ages. Coach Lisa Mitzel portrays an authentic view of the athlete’s inner journey. She takes readers through highs and lows to reflect on thoughts and feelings, and brings light to inspiration in confronting battles and reaching goals. While training and competing, Lisa experienced injuries, surgeries, psychological fears, and intense training with sport psychologists. She fought and overcame all of it to win championships. As a coach and mental training expert, her stories and curriculum teach methods to manage doubt, distraction, fear, pressure, and how to manifest success. Included in the book are core mental skills (breathing, relaxing, positive self-talk, visualization, recall, and concentration) critical mindsets (like volition, expectancy, present-moment awareness, acceptance, letting go, and resilience), simple exercises, true inspiring stories of athlete-clients and teams who overcame challenges, and fun illustrations that enhance Lisa’s powerful messages. Readers will learn self-awareness, higher-mind thinking, and the practice of believing that anything’s possible. This book is a rare gem, and kids and parents can read and practice the tools together. You have incredible inner power…use it!

FEATURED in International Gymnast Magazine!  “Focused and On Fire” is seen as an important mental guide for athletes all around the world. 

Lisa is traveling and speaking in the U.S. and internationally with her “Focused” Book Tour and Clinics. You can contact her to schedule an event.                                           

Whether in the sports or education communities, Lisa coaches these important tools to face difficulties and achieve goals. Athletes and coaches can benefit from deeper perspective on how to train with higher-mind thinking, and parents and educators become more aware of the inner journey and methods to support and encourage kids. Lisa has spoken at many universities and given clinics for various sports teams, including the following…

Colleges and Schools: Harvard University, Brown University, Denver University, University of Nebraska, Boise State University, San Jose State University, Stanford University, Santa Ana College, Summit Prep School.

Sports Teams: Olympus Gymnastics, Bingham HS Dance Team, Santa Ana College Track & Cross Country, Parkettes National Training Center, 20 Mile Athletic Club, World Elite Gymnastics, Black Diamond Gymnastics, Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy, SCATS, Emerald City Gymnastics Academy, Redmond Gymnastics Academy.

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